Thank You

Dear colleagues,

We had the distinct pleasure of hosting the 39th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in person for the first time in three years. Over 8,000 participants from academia and industry joined us from 97 different countries for a very exciting and successful conference. The conference attracted 4,703 in-person attendees, nearly half of which were students.

Besides being the largest robotics conference to date, we had 96 exhibitors, 56 workshops, and 6 forums that explored the many ways in which robotics and automation are changing the future of work. ICRA showcased cutting edge research, featured in 1498 published papers, 3 plenary lectures and 9 keynote presentations. The papers included 13 award-winning papers for automation, coordination, dynamics and control, interaction, learning, locomotion, manipulation, mechanism design, navigation, and planning.

We are delighted that ICRA is back, bigger and better. We want to thank all the members of the organizing committee for their dedicated service and hard work, and all ICRA attendees who attended ICRA. We are grateful we had the opportunity to host you in Philadelphia.


George J. Pappas and Vijay Kumar
ICRA 2022 General Chairs