Partnership & Exhibit General Info

Attendee List Sales Scam Warning

Beware of Fraudulent Attendee List Sales Scam

It has come to ICRA 2022 attention that "companies" are contacting meeting attendees to offer them sale of the ICRA 2022 attendee mailing list. This, unfortunately, is a common occurrence with large industry conferences and trade shows in recent years.

ICRA 2022 does not sell its meeting registration lists nor authorize any third party to distribute or sell meeting attendee lists or lists related to the event.

How did they get your email address?  Software programs can crawl websites in search of email addresses that are listed on them (identifiable by the “@” sign).

ICRA 2022 cannot be held responsible for any interaction or sale with these fraudulent company(s). (insert conference name)  takes this matter very seriously and will do whatever possible to protect attendees, partners, and exhibitors.

If you receive an email offering to sell you a list of event attendees, do not respond to it. By responding, even with a request to unsubscribe, you confirm that your email address is a valid one. This may increase the likelihood that you’ll be contacted again.

Questions? please contact Lukrecija Leong

Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Exhibits Hours
The ICRA 2022 Exhibits will be on May 24–26, 2022. A representative must staff exhibit space during all times when Exhibits are officially open. Identification badges may be picked up at the registration desk. Badge exchange between exhibitor representatives is not permissible.

Exhibits Hours (subject to change)

Tuesday, May 24 Exhibits Open 9:30am – 6:00pm
Wednesday, May 25 Exhibits Open 9:30am – 6:00pm
Thursday, May 26 Exhibits Open 9:30am – 6:00pm

Installation of Displays*
The exhibit hall will be open for the installation of exhibits during the following hours.

Sunday, May 22 8:00am – 4:30pm

Monday, May 23 8:00am – 4:30pm

Tuesday, May 24 7:30am – 8:30am: Small exhibits & finishing touches only

The exhibitor must have an authorized representative present throughout the installation of his exhibit and will furnish the name of this representative to Show Management at least 60 days prior to the show. During installation hours, Installation & Dismantle wristbands will be available at no charge to all exhibitors and workers to gain access to the exhibit floor. I&D wristbands must be worn at all times during installation days. Exhibitors may pick up I&D wristbands from security at the entrance to the exhibit hall or from the Exhibits Management Office.

Installation of all exhibit material must be completed by 8:30am, Tuesday, May 24 and all shipping crates and packing cases must be ready for removal in order to allow sufficient time for cleaning prior the event opening at 10:00am on Tuesday, May 24. If an exception must be made, contact Exhibit Management at

*Exhibitors may choose to work later than 4:30pm

Dismantling Dates and Hours
The exhibit hall will be open for exhibit dismantling from:

Thursday, May 26 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Friday, May 27 8:00am – 12:00pm

Note: Do not leave materials behind. Exhibitors leaving materials after the dismantle period will be charged a disposal fee, and materials will be discarded. You are responsible for arranging shipping or material handling through Freeman.

All outbound carriers must check in no later than 10:00am on Friday, May 27. Freight not called for by 10:00am on Friday, May 27 will be rerouted via Freeman Transportation.

Exhibit space rental includes these added benefits:

  • Two (2) Exhibitor Personnel Passes per 100 sq. ft. of exhibit space. Additional Exhibitor

Personnel Passes can be purchased.

  • Complimentary access to the Welcome Reception with an Exhibitor Personnel Pass.
  • Complimentary listing in the Conference Exhibit Directory that includes contact

information and product description.

  • Complimentary listing on the Conference mobile app.
  • Complimentary WiFi Internet access in the exhibit hall.

Access to high-impact partnership opportunities available only to exhibitors. IMPORTANT: This booth option does not come with carpet and the flooring of the exhibit hall is rustic concrete. The ICRA organizers require all unfurnished/space only exhibitors to install carpet/flooring in their booth.

ICRA 2022 Partners are entitled to:

  • Diamond: 9 full conference delegate passes; 15 exhibitor personnel passes
  • Platinum: 6 full conference delegate passes; 12 exhibitor personnel passes
  • Gold: 3 full conference delegate passes; 6 exhibitor personnel passes
  • Silver: 2 full conference delegate passes; 3 exhibitor personnel passes
  • Bronze: 1 full conference delegate passs

ICRA 2022 exhibiting companies are entitled to:

  • up to two (2) exhibitor badges per regular booth (100 sq. ft.)

Details regarding the registration of your booth personnel will be sent to you in mid-March. For regular registration passes to attend scientific sessions, simply register at Please note that the early-bird registration deadline is April 1.

Exhibitor badges must be picked up at the ICRA Exhibitor Registration Counter located in the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

During move-in, all Exhibitor Appointed Contractors must also wear a badge. There is no pre-registration process for these contractors. They will be registered when they arrive onsite by means of a generic nametag.

Additional Fees

  • Additional staff - Additional Exhibit Hall Only Access badges above the company’s allowance will be subject to a $400 charge per badge. The exhibitor badge does not allow attendance at scientific sessions.
  • Standard Exhibit Space does not come with carpet and the flooring of the exhibit hall is rustic concrete. The ICRA organizers require all unfurnished/space only exhibitors to install carpet/flooring in their booth
  • Other expenses will include audio-visual equipment, wired internet Connections, and additional electrical, etc. Please refer to order forms in the Exhibitor Manual
  • Material handling, carpeting and other furnishings will be available through Freeman.


Admission to the Exhibit Floor
ICRA 2022 Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the exhibit floor to any visitor, exhibitor or employee of an exhibitor who, in their opinion, is undesirable or likely to disrupt the smooth functioning of the event.

Children under 16 years of age are not admitted during move-in, exhibit hours and move-out.

All persons on the exhibit floor must have proper registration credentials.

After Hours Passes
Exhibitors may enter and exit the floor if they have been issued a ICRA authorized wristband or have their permanent ICRA exhibitor badge. Exhibitor staff must be working in their booth while in the exhibit hall during these off-hours. Those not working or wandering the exhibit hall will be asked to leave and return during the official hours of operation, during the installation, show days, and dismantle periods.

Animals and pets are not permitted in the building except in conjunction to aid the disabled.

The display and distribution of balloons will not be allowed at any time within the exhibit hall. Balloons create many housekeeping problems and are particularly detrimental to the fire detection systems installed in the exhibit hall. Their use is strictly prohibited.

Booth Lighting & Laser Lighting
Exhibitors must not encroach on ICRA Exhibits aisles, walls, or ceilings with strobe lighting, laser lighting, or other special effects lighting. Exhibitors may not use projection lighting, laser lighting, or other special effects lighting outside their own purchased exhibit space. Exhibitors may not project images or other lighting onto the walls of the convention center or the ceilings of the convention center or on the aisles of the convention center. All special effects lighting and high intensity lighting must not disturb the other exhibitors or attendees or ICRA Management will ask for it to be turned off.

Aramark is the exclusive supplier for food and beverages consumed or distributed in the Pennsylvania Convention Center. If you wish to serve food or beverages in your booth, you must order through Aramark.

The general contractor will vacuum the aisles of the exhibit hall every night and will maintain general cleaning of the halls. For individual booth cleaning requirements, exhibitors should order through the Freeman Online website.

Conference Logo Policy
Acceptable External Use

  • Entities associated with the annual conference are welcome to use the conference logo, as appropriate, to promote their events and/or describe their activities.
  • Individuals may use the logos to acknowledge their participation in a sponsored event.
  • It is also acceptable to grant permission to third parties, such as news organizations, to use the logos for promotional purposes.

Prohibited Use
It is our policy that the ICRA conference logo be used without modification and in an appropriate manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any implication of endorsement by the organization or its activities;
  • Commercial uses (placement of the logo on product packaging);
  • An individual’s use of the logo for purposes other than acknowledging participation in our activities;
  • Combination of the annual conference logo with another logo.

Crate Storage
Empty crates, boxes, skids, etc. that exhibitors have labeled "empty" will be removed from exhibitors' booths, stored, and returned to booths at the conclusion of the exhibition. "Empty" stickers will be available at the Exhibitor Service Center.

RAS and IEEE Logos, ICRA Conference Logos
The Robotics & Automation Society and IEEE logos and the custom logo of this year's Conference are the property of RAS and IEEE  and may not be used unless it is the intent of the exhibitor to use the logo for the sole purpose to promote the Conference in good taste.

Demonstration Equipment Placement
No display material and/or booth equipment can be placed in meeting rooms of the Convention Center or in conference hotels without written permission from management.

Exhibitor warrants and agrees that the Exhibitor is solely responsible for assuring that its exhibit, demonstration(s) and all related materials are accessible to persons with disabilities and complies with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Disability Services
Wheelchairs, designated parking, TDD, telephone and other services are available for visitors with disabilities. The Pennsylvania Convention Center is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages
Please check with Show Management at if you plan on distributing alcoholic beverages during the ICRA Exhibits.

Dress Policy
All booth staff are expected to dress in business and/or business casual attire. Exhibitors should ensure that the attire of all staff they deploy at their booth (whether the exhibitor's direct employees or their contractors) be considered appropriate in a professional environment. Attire of a revealing, provocative or suggestive nature is not permitted.

These guidelines are applicable to all booth staff, regardless of gender, and will be strictly enforced. We reserve the right to request that individual booth staff change their attire or leave the premises immediately if we feel their appearance might be offensive to other exhibitors or attendees. Questions can be addressed in advance of the ICRA Conference to Exhibits Management at

Drones, Flying Machines, Etc.
Drones and other equipment that can fly or hover and be remotely controlled or autonomously controlled through software-controlled plans in their embedded systems if they are enclosed within structure or netting that would prevent them from leaving the booth area and adhere to the guidelines regarding height of the booth. Please also note all convention center rules and regulations.

Exhibit Guidelines and Regulations
The regulations listed below are presented to create and maintain an open atmosphere on the exhibit floor. In this regard, 100 percent occupancy of allowed exhibit space is discouraged. In designing your exhibit, good judgment and consideration of neighboring exhibitors and attendees should be included in your primary objectives.

Exhibits parts of any display must be finished so as to not be objectionable to other exhibitors or to ICRA 2022. Exhibits must be equipped with appropriate display components, furniture & floor covering.

Any elevated floor structures within any exhibit, which are not ramped, must be marked or lighted appropriately around the perimeter.

All multi-story exhibits and all exhibit fixtures and components exceeding 12' in height must have drawings available to inspection by exhibits management, the installation and dismantling contractor, the exhibitor and governmental authority during the time the exhibit is being erected, exhibited and dismantled at the show site that include a signature or stamp of a reviewing structural engineer indicating that the structure design is properly engineered for its proposed use, and a signature of an authorized official of the exhibit building company indicating that the structure is built in compliance with the details and specifications set forth on the drawings. Exhibitors are cautioned when installing a display with a ceiling or second level to check with the local fire department to ensure that their display meets with the necessary fire safety precautions involving smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, etc.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors
The Official Service Contractor for the ICRA 2022 is Freeman. If the exhibitor plans to use a company other than the Official Service Contractor, the exhibitor must complete the Authorization Form for Exhibitor Appointed Contractors. The exhibitor appointed contractor then must provide us with a certificate of insurance and agree to abide by the show rules and regulations.

Exhibitor Registration
Exhibitor's booth representatives shall be restricted to employees of exhibiting company who are actually working in Exhibitor's booth. Booth representatives shall wear "EXHIBITOR" badge identification, furnished by Exhibitor Registration, at all times. Show Management may limit the number of booth representatives at any time. All Exhibitor's company personnel other than those working in booth are to register as attendees at the Exhibition.

Exhibitor Service Center
The Service Center will be open for business during the installation period. All contractors and production management personnel can be found here. In addition, all on-site production services such as decorating, furniture, floor covering, shipping, material handling, electrical, telephone, display labor, special cleaning, signs, and audio-visual requirements can be arranged here. A team of production management personnel is at your service.

Handouts, Literature, Giveaways, Invitations & Promotional Material
You must remain inside the perimeter of your booth to distribute literature, handouts, or invitations to attendees.

Costumed performers or other employees engaged in advertising your product, service, or events must do so from the inner perimeter of your booth.

Passing out promotional material or literature in the aisles, lobby, or public areas is prohibited.

Do not schedule conflicting off-site promotions which would take attendees away from events, sessions, or during open exhibit hours.

Any concerns about the safety of a handout should be expressed with written warning as to those concerns and should accompany each handout.

Labor Jurisdictions
Exhibitors must comply with all federal, state, and local labor laws. Exhibitors should review the Labor Jurisdictions found in the Freeman Manual.

Photography of exhibits and displayed equipment (other than your own) is strictly prohibited. Please note that exhibitors have the right to request that photographs may not be taken without permission.

Online Company Listing
If you have not already done so at the time of application, please submit your listing information by logging into your Exhibitor Portal.

Sign In to the Exhibitor Portal using your email and password here:

If you do not have your password, please follow the “Forgot your password?” link on the page.

Enter your company information as you wish it to appear. When you are finished, click Save & Complete.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact

Entry to and exit from the exhibit area will be possible only through the main Show entrances and all persons entering and leaving must wear a badge issued by Show Management.

Lost or stolen property must be reported to the Security Office as soon as possible. Please remember that any claim must be properly documented in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance company.

Should you require additional security for your booth, products or equipment, exhibitors should contact the official security service provider.

Selling / Order Taking
No selling or order taking will be permitted on the exhibit floor or other areas controlled by ICRA 2022.

Smoking Policy
The ICRA 2022 is a NO SMOKING Conference and Exhibition.

Sound Transmission
The prescribed standard is as follows: level may not exceed 70 decibels, 4 feet (1.22 meters) away from the source. Any machine, musical group, information broadcaster or any other source may not exceed this limit. The ICRA 2022 Exhibit Office will be the sole judge in this matter.


Contact ICRA Exhibition Management at, c/o Hall-Erickson, Inc.