Presentation Video Instructions

ICRA 2022 papers will be presented through 4-minute oral presentations (all papers) and in poster sessions (papers that have authors attending in person). For the oral presentation, we ask that you prepare a 4-minute video and upload it to the infoVaya conference app between March 15 and April 1.


This video (which is different from the video accompanying your paper, if you had one) should be self-contained and describe the main contribution of your work. For authors who are attending in person, we will play the video without sound and you will present; think about the video as an automatically advancing powerpoint presentation. For authors who are remote, we will play the video with sound. Both in-person and remote authors will participate in the live Q&A.

We are asking you to upload a video for three reasons: (i) to ensure smooth sessions without switching computers, (ii) to enable authors who cannot attend in person to present their work, and (iii) following the conference, we will be posting the videos on a freely available platform, similar to the IROS 2020 experience.


  • Video file: MP4
  • Video duration: 4 minutes [max]
  • Video file size: 100 MB [max]
  • Video file name: The file name should start with ICRA22_ followed by your paper's 4 digit paperplaza ID (e.g. authors of paper number 123 would upload ICRA22_0123.mp4)
  • Video dimension: minimum height 480 pixels HD, aspect ratio 16:9. Zoom (see Video Preparation section below) will automatically apply these settings



We recommend using Zoom. This will allow you to easily record a compatible, high-quality video from content displayed on your computer screen and voice recorded via the computer microphone.

To use Zoom to capture your video: Create a Zoom meeting where you are the only participant. Start the meeting and share your screen (your presentation slides) and turn on your camera so that your face is visible. Click on "Record" and start recording your video. Showing the speaker's face is recommended but not mandatory. If you choose to do so, please make sure that the speaker window is on the top right corner of the screen and not covering the slides.

You may find the following "IEEE Video Presentation Guidelines" useful:

Presentation template: We encourage you to use the ICRA 2022 logos and presentation style guide available at:

Audio and captions: For accessibility, please have closed captions and a voice over in your video. To create closed captions using Zoom please see, for example:

The conference platform only supports “burnt-in” captions. To add captions to your video you can use either Handbrake or Maestra.

File sizeWe additionally recommend using the free tool Handbrake to reduce the size of your video. This will make your video upload much faster.

To reduce your video file size:

(a) Drag and drop your video file into an open Handbrake window.

(b) Click on "Video" and check that the "Constant Quality" has a RF value around 22.

(c) Click on the green "Start" button.


Tell a story: Think of your presentation as a short story that hooks the viewer so they read your paper. Keep it engaging and accessible. Your story should cover your goal, motivation, method and results. In 4 minutes you probably can't go into too much detail, so try not to pack everything in, and limit the amount of content on each slide.

Check your filming conditions: Think of your background, make sure it's appropriate, or use a virtual one if easier. Your head should be centered and should take up much of the frame. Remember this will be a small window on your presentation video. Lighting should be in front of you or slightly to the slide (not behind you). Test your microphone and limit background noise (if you can!) and alerts from your phone or computer.



You will submit your video on the InfoVaya platform, NOT paperplaza. It will become available to you on March 10.

(1) Go to


(2) Log in with email (the same email you used to submit your paper to ICRA) and password. First-time users, please click on "Logging in for the first time?" and follow the instructions therein to set your password.

(3) Click on your presentation title under "Action Required"


(4) Click on the "Videos" tab

(5) Drag and drop your video file in the "Upload Video" area. Wait on the page until you see "Video successfully uploaded" message. Your idea will appear on the system within 30 minutes


(6) Repeat steps (3) - (5) to upload the videos for all your presentations